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Bastyr University in San Diego - Moor Mud Lecture

 Moor Mud from Torf Natural, Muds imported from Hungary and Czech Republic, are natural products of best possible quality.

In today's world of economic boom and worldwide industrial explosion, human body is attacked by toxins and other harmful by-products of civilization. We need to take steps to protect ourselves against this assault. Skin is body's largest organ that acts like a protective barrier. Healthy skin ensures healthy body.

Nature is very good to us supplying us with many of her products to help combat toxic attack. One of the best nature's gifts is a Moor Mud (Peat). Moor Mud has a long history, there is no need to go back in time to talk about our ancestors or old Romans using mud bath to treat their illnesses. What's important, that the Holistic and Modern medicine today, recognizes benefits of moor mud bath therapies. Many different labs and scientists analyzed and tested evidence to prove moor mud's healing properties. The same analyzes and tests also revealed if moor mud is processed other than mechanically like grinding or cutting, it is loosing many attributes. Moor mud looses on its quality when dried or freeze-dried, it never regain water absorption. Presence of peaty water is significant to quality. Water bound to peat solids may be divided into an Ionic state (HO) and water in the molecular state (H2O). The Ionic water is bound more firmly than molecular water. Any process of drying will disturb this balance. Drying also gets rid of gasses that are part of a moor mud composition.

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