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It is very important to us to offer our customers only products that are organic, natural and non-toxic.

We recognize the significance of peat balneo-therapy. Czech Republic and Hungary have been on the leading edge using balneo peat-therapy for medicine and dermatology. The treatments provided by Czech and Hungarian spas are based exclusively on the use of high-quality natural curative resources,which these countries have always abounded in thanks to the diverse geological composition of its terrain. The Czech Republic and Hungary have a great number of curative mineral and thermal springs, therapeutic muds and peats which have given rise to the founding and building of numerous spas which together with the beauty of the Czech and Hungarian landscape and the quality of provided spa care have made the Czech Republic and Hungary centres of balneotherapy. The most eminent among the Czech spas are those comprising the so-called West Bohemian spa triangle (Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne). There are also world-famous radioactive springs in Jachymov and peat baths in the South Bohemian area of Trebon. In Moravia, the most significant spas are Luhacovice and Jeseniky, made famous by Vincent Priessnitz The best-known spa in the Slovak Republic is Piestany. Hungary famous spas are in Lake Heviz region.